Nepal Japan Children’s Library

Nepal Japan Children’s Library
Ward No. 29
P.O. Box No.19326

Due to the pandemic the library is currently closed to visitors.  Staff and volunteers continue to work in the library to maintain the resources and develop services in preparation for the reopening of the library.

The Nepal Japan Children’s Library was established in May 2001 with funding provided by Joho-Roren, one of the largest industrial unions in Japan. It is situated on a space provided by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office. The library functions as a project of the Osaka International Club-Nepal Chapter, an association of ex-trainees and ex-students of Osaka Prefecture. The Osaka International Club-Nepal Chapter was established in 1999 with the objective of introducing Japanese culture through various demonstrations such as Ikebana (flower arrangement), Origami (paper cutting), Nihon no ryori (Japanese cuisine), etc.

Processing books in the library

The two-storey library building has 7 rooms over 2 floors. The groundfloor houses a junior section and a multi-purpose hall, which is available to the public for a fixed charge. The main library section is on the first floor. It includes  a section on Japan.

The vision of the Nepal Japan Children’s Library:

Creating a fun atmosphere for children to learn.


• To create a suitable environment for reading

• To promote creative learning from reference books

• To spread the message that learning is fun

Organization Structure:

The library has 4 members of staff and several volunteers overseen by:

• Board of Governors

• Management Committee

• Advisory committee


The library offers the following services for children:

• Reference books/Books/Periodicals

• Video films

• Computers and Internet access

• Recreational educational programs

. Toys


The library is open 6 days a week from 12:00noon to 5:30pm (not open on Wednesday)

The Management Committee members are responsible for sourcing the running expenses of the library. It is becoming increasingly difficult to raise funds, but through the hard work and dedication of staff and volunteers, they have so far managed to keep the library open.

The Friends of Nepal Japan Children’s Library has recently been set up. Individuals are invited to contribute £12 per year to help run the library. If you would like to make a donation to the Nepal Japan Children’s Library please click the donate button on the Nepalese Children’s Trust website, stating Friend of the NJCL in the message box.

Dasein and Christmas Activities at the Library

Posted December 2016