Help Kanchha keep Helambu Healthy

Posted March 2021

Help Kanchha keep Helambu Healthy:  March 2021

Fundraiser by Gwenda Culkin : Help Kanchha Keep Helambu Healthy (

The pictures below shows Dr Kanchha Sherpa at work in the villages of the Helambu region of the Himalayas. Dr Sherpa returned to his home village, Melamchigyang in February after completing his training in North Wales, to take over the running of the new clinic there. The Nepalese Children’s Trust provided funds for the purchase of some medicines and basic medical supplies but there is an urgent need for more medicines and diagnostic equipment for the clinic. 

Last year Dr Sherpa travelled, with a small supporting team, from village to village in the region –  70 villages in all – conducting medical checks on villagers, providing health education and treating illness wherever possible with the limited resources at his disposal. Along with the rest of Nepal, residents of these villages have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19 on their already meagre incomes; they rely heavily on the trekking industry and on remittances from family members working abroad and of course these sources have now dried up. Many curable and preventable conditions go untreated because of lack of medical assistance.

Throughout Dr Sherpa’s medical training at Manchester university and then in Welsh hospitals, he dreamt of the difference he would be able to make in the lives of his people.  Dr Sherpa has made an urgent request for financial help to enable him to buy the supplies and equipment he needs to keep the clinic running so, once again, the Nepalese Children’s Trust is appealing to its generous supporters for donations. Our overheads are virtually non-existent so almost every penny will go directly towards the purchase of medical supplies within Nepal.

More pictures to follow……..